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Selected Publications


Tropico. French translation by Daphné B. Poetry. Éditions Triptyque: Montreal, QC. 2021
Tropico. Poetry. Metatron Press: Montreal, QC. 2017


carte blanche
Poetry Editor (2019–2023):

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Espace de la Diversité: Fiche de Lecture

Forecast Platform
Poetry Mentee — White Horses Always Run Home

Tribeca Award
The Game Award, Goodbye Volcano High (collaborative, marketing department)

Contemporary Verse 2
First Place — CV2’s 2018 2 Day Poem 

Académie de la vie littéraire
Prix de livre pour Tropico

Eisner Award
Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips, Showa, 1953–1989: A History of Japan (collaborative, editorial department)

Eisner Award
Best Anthology, Drawn & Quarterly: Twenty-Five Years of Contemporary Comics (collaborative, editorial department) 


“No Grass Left to Touch”. Maisonneuve Magazine. 2023
“Sex Chat”. Essay. Ratchat Magazine. 2021
Feature. Montreal Review of Books. Fall 2019
Three book reviews. Montreal Review of Books. Spring 2019

Poem. The Lemon Hound Anthology. 2019
Poem. Contemporary Verse 2. 2019

Four book reviews. Montreal Review of Books. Summer 2018
Two book reviews. Montreal Review of Books. Spring 2018
Poem. Bad Nudes: Issue 3.1. 2018 
Two poems. Leste Magazine. 2018
Short story. spy kids magazine. 2018


“lentil and the stone”. Dial a Poem. 2022
“$”. Voicemail Poems. 2021
Round-up. Blue Metropolis. 2020
Two Poems. Peach Mag. 2019
Poem. Bad Nudes: Issue 3.1. 2018
Film Review. Indulgent: Pain & Glory. In the Mood. 2020
Excerpt from Tropico. Lemon Hound. 2017
Five articles. The Case & Point. 2011
Four posts. The Satellite Gallery. 2011


Goodbye Volcano High (Community Director, Discord Writing). KO_OP. 2023
Ridiculous Fishing (Writer). Apple Arcade. Vlambeer + KO_OP. 2023
Milky Way Symphony: A Night on the Galactic Railroad Review. In the Mood. 2023


Forecast Forum 2023 – Performer
Forecast Forum Nominee Performance. July 2023, Radialsystem. Berlin, Germany.

A Passing Scene – Exhibitor
Sound Installation & Performance/Artist Talk.
April 2019–May 2019, Baltimore, MD.

Slut Island 2018 – Curator
In conjunction with the Slut Island 2018 Music Festival. July 2018, Cagibi. Montreal, QC.

The Language of Fashion – Exhibitor
There Is No Fashion for the Old
. September 2012, Innocent Coffee. Vancouver, BC.


“The Power of Listening: Forecast 8.” Aesthetica Mag. March 2024.
“Transversal Creativity.” Metal Magazine. March 2024.
“boundary-pushing projects get their world premiere at the forecast festival in berlin“ Design Boom. March 2024.
Marcela Huerta and Gabeba Baderoon in Chile. 2024. Forecast. Video Doc
Radio Interview. CBC “The Bridge”. Oct 2023 Podcast Interview. Tribeca Games Festival 2023 Interviews. Gamertag Radio
Review. Chloé Savoie-Bernard. Les libraires. 2021
Review. Hugues Corriveau. Le Devoir. 2021
Interview (with Saleem Dabbous). Jen Simpkins. EDGE Mag #354. 2021
Review. Branden Printup. Indie Book Review. 2020
Interview. Stacy Lee Kong. Flare. 2018
Interview. Tess Liem. Vallum: contemporary poetry. 2018
Best of List. Alejandra Olivia. Remezcla. 2018
This Shelf Belongs To.... Librairie Drawn & Quarterly 
Review. Natalia Yanchak. Cult MTL.
Interview. Shabby Doll House October Reader.
Books of the Week. Largehearted Boy.
Interview. Ashley Obscura & A. Zachary. Alpha
Radio Interview. R.C. Weslowski. Wax Poetic


2024 ︎
MAR.26: The Drone Eats With Me Marathon Reading and Fundraiser for Gaza Mutual Aid. Montreal, QC.
MAR.16: Forecast Platform White Horses Always Run Home World Premiere. Berlin, Germany.
MAR.11-15: Forecast Platform Residency. Berlin, Germany.
JAN.28: 'Lectura Poética' with Gabeba Baderoon, Marcela Huerta, Gozalo Henríquez and Gerundio, at Citylab Santiago/GAM. Santiago, Chile
JAN.26: Intimate Resistance: 50 Years of Struggle and Memory. Santiago, Chile.

2023 ︎
JUL.22: To An Unknown God. Montreal, QC
JUL.16: Forecast Forum (Performance). Berlin, Germany
JUL.10-14: Forecast Forum (Residency). Berlin, Germany
JUN.7-19: Goodbye Volcano High. Tribeca Film Festival. New York City, NY

2022 ︎
NOV.25: Traduire le Québec anglo - Translating English Quebec. Montreal, QC
OCT.08: Lectura de Poésia. Libreria Antonia. Ciudad de México. MX
SEP.16: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing But I’m Doing a Lot. Game Devs of Color. Online Festival
JUL.14: KO_OP Discord Talk. Disco Summit MTL 
MAY.06: Dial-a-Poem Reading. Montreal, QC
APR.26: Lancement festif · Journée du poème à porter. Montreal, QC.
APR.19: Celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day x Journée du poème à porter. Montreal, QC

2021 ︎︎︎
SEP.26: The Good Arabs Book Launch. Montreal, QC
SEP.21: Rebond (La Nuit de l'Art). Montreal, QC
JUN.22–24: DreamYard Rad(ical) Poetry Consortium ︎
JUN.24: Metatron Press Presents In Translation: Bridging Our Divide with Daphné B. and Alex Manley. Montreal, QC
JUN.09: Causerie Tropico/Nous sommes un continent with Daphné B., Karine Rosso et Nicholas Dawson

JUN.04: GLITCH #FutureOfPlay Radio: Sustainable Structures and Game Co-ops with Francesca Esquenazi
MAY.26: Tropico (FR) Feature Video (with Daphné B). Librairie Drawn & Quarterly IGTV
MAR.27: Metatron x Anteism Presents: WWW Livestream Reading. Montreal, QC.

2020 ︎
MAY.21: House House Press Quarantine Series with Helen Chau Bradley
SEP.20: Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch Launches knot body
OCT.21: Creating Better Communities (the*gameHERs)
NOV.11: Revolutionary Letters: A Diane di Prima Marathon Reading

OCT.19: Aural Oracles: A Book Launch (Metatron Press). Montreal, QC
SEP.28: Lecture Pop Reads. Montreal, QC
AUG.24: LESTE X THE CLUB @ Ursa. Montreal, QC
JUN.23: Breathing Space. Montreal, QC
MAY.28: Festival de Poésie de Montreal: What Kills 20 Year Olds?. Montreal, QC
MAY.23: Bad Nudes 4.1. Montreal, QC
APR.14: A Passing Scene: Artist Talk. Baltimore, MD 
MAR.17:Poets, Singers, Dancers & Guitars at La Vitrola. Montreal, QC 
MAR.19: Visual Arts Centre Readings. 350 Victoria Avenue, Westmount. Montreal, QC
FEB.27: One-Off Reading: Huerta / Ra'eesi / Saadi / Turner. Montreal, QC

NOV.30: Hana Shafi / Gwen Benaway Double Launch. Montreal, QC
NOV.22: Print is Dead, Long Live Print with Ashley Obscura (Interfold Magazine). Montreal, QC
NOV.22: Langues Liées. Mile End Poetry Festival. Montreal, QC
NOV.17: Rapid Fire Ricochet Readings for Salon du Livre. Montreal, QC
NOV.11: Metatron Press Presents...11:11 Fully Charged. Montreal, QC
SEP.18–23.2018: Festival Internacional de Poesía de Rosario. Rosario, Argentina
SEP.17.2018: Obits Book Launch. Petite Librairie D+Q. Montreal, QC
AUG.15.2018: Montreal Library Series. Bibliothèque Baie-D'Urfé Library, QC
AUG.01–05.2018: Pink Door Writing Retreat. Rochester, NY ︎
JUL.28–29.2018: The New York City Poetry Festival. New York City, NY
JUN.15.2018: Leste Mag Issue 05 Launch. Montreal, QC
JUN.09.2018: Barclay, Huerta, Lubrin, Zachary at KFB. Toronto, ON
APR. 2018: Blue Metropolis Literary Festival. Montreal, QC
APR. 2018: Vallum Montreal Launch. Montreal, QC
APR. 2018:  Résonance Reading Series. Montreal, QC
MAR. 2018:  Le Gala de l'Académie de la vie littéraire. Montreal, QC
MAR. 2018:  Exquisite Corpse (Nuit Blanche). Montreal, QC

DEC. 2017: Donuts Short Story Hour. Montreal, QC
DEC. 2017: A night of readings at Black Squirrel Books. Ottawa, ON
DEC. 2017: I Love Dick, a Fanfic Zine Launch. Montreal, QC 
NOV. 2017: Tropico Book Launch. Vancouver, BC
NOV. 2017: Tropico Book Launch. Victoria, BC 
OCT. 2017: Metatron Fall 2017 Book Launch. Montreal, QC
OCT. 2017: Metatron Fall 2017 Book Launch. Toronto, ON
OCT. 2017: Light Reading no. 11 (Libra Season). Toronto, ON
AUG. 2017: Sara Sutterlin Baby Book Launch. Montreal, QC
AUG. 2017: Hybrid Heaven Summer Summer Reading. Montreal, QC 

SEP. 2016: P O E T R Y N I G H T at Kafein x The Metatron Edition. Montreal, QC

FEB. 2011: poetrynight. Bellingham, WA
MISC.2010: Misc. Events for the Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam. Vancouver, BC